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7/26/05 10:55 am - pinklady62090 - Which Saved by the Bell Character Are You?

I'm Lisa!

Lisa takes up after her mom in many ways. Lisa does volunteer to help sick people at the hospital her mom is a doctor at. Lisa is the gossip queen, and even runs a gossip show on Bayside's school radio station. Lisa also works as a phone teen counseler for troubled teens on the school's teenline. (Bio borrowed from MovieProp.com)

Which Saved by the Bell character are you?

7/26/05 10:53 am - pinklady62090 - Which of Nickelodeon's Doug Characters Are You?

I'm Judy!

Judy is Doug's older sister, a self-absorbed, melodramatic wannabe actress who never steps out of the spotlight. Although she makes life difficult and embarrassing for her brother at times, she loves him, and he digs her, too. Alas, to Judy, Doug will always be a part of the supporting cast. (Bio borrowed from Bluffington)

Which of Nickelodeon's Doug characters are you?

7/26/05 10:49 am - pinklady62090 - What Kind of Volkswagon New Beetle Are You?

I'm a Blue Lagoon Volkswagen Beetle!

Like a cool day in the island formation that its name suggests, you're a Blue Lagoon Volkswagen Beetle. Laid-back and relaxed, you can easily see in your mind the reflection of your Beetle in the clear caribbean waters below it, sitting on a beach awaitithe next leg of the cruise to sail it to its next paradise destination.

What kind of Volkswagen New Beetle are you?

7/8/05 03:41 pm - pinklady62090 - What Kind of Girl Are You?

You're the high fashion trendsetter. You're
confident, independent, outgoing, and love
attention. You might become a star one day. All
the girls like to follow in your foot steps
because you're so cool, fashionable, and don't
care about anything. You make the rules, never
follow. But please be sure not to act bitchy.
That could be bad. But keep the attitude.
That's what makes you, you.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
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6/24/05 02:19 pm - pinklady62090 - Which Oscar Winning Actress From the Past 5 Years Are You?

Which Best Actress Oscar winner from the past 5 years are you?

Nicole Kidman - 2003

Ugh. WAAAY over-exposed. And over-rated. Oooh! You wore a nose! Can you tell I dislike you? (except in Moulin Rouge)

Personality Test Results

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6/24/05 02:03 pm - pinklady62090 - Which Golden Girl Are You?

What Golden Girls character are you?


Rose is the dumb naive one. She grew up in a small town called St Olaf.

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6/21/05 04:57 pm - pinklady62090 - What Drug Are You?

You scored as None!. You've either done a good job of avoiding drugs, aren't interested in trying them, or have had an experience that chased you away. Stay safe. :)
















What's your ideal drug?
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6/21/05 11:17 am - pinklady62090 - How Evil Are You?

<td align="center">You are 7% evil

You are not evil. Why are you taking this test? You are a nice person and are always thinking about others.

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6/21/05 11:12 am - pinklady62090 - What Kind of Flirt Are You

<td align="center">You are a direct flirt

You know who you want and you go after them. If they’re not interested, then you shrug it off because there are plenty more potential hot dates out there. You don’t waste time and, because of this, you have a high chance of finding Mr. or Miss Right (Now).

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6/20/05 03:56 pm - pinklady62090 - My Little Pony

You Are Opium!
You like to have fun and enjoy life. Reeeeeally enjoy life. If it isn't fast, loud, or extreme forget it. You value friendship and are loyal and will not hesiste to go off if someone crosses you.

What Naughty My Little Pony Are You?

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